The [colorful] show must go on...


Maybe you noticed that i started a poll (on deviantart) in which you could decide which main colors i should choose for the next part of my "Colorful-Serie"

After 7 months i decided to continue it. You could choose between "yellow green / orange", "rose (light pink) / white" and "yellow". And the most of you choose "yellow green / orange". So this will be the colors of the next part. I already done the outlines so i may color it next week or tomorrow.

Of course, i'll draw the other color-themes too. I have already the plan for the outlines too but i'll draw them later. Hopefully before my study starts. It starts in the middle of october so i have less then one month for drawing^^. But before i'll draw them i have to finish the last two Sailor Moon picture (Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury).

Here a little preview for the nineth part of my "Colorful"-Serie.


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