Let's start


ok. finally i changed the layout. It's not perfect but i like it. Maybe i'll change some details but not today. In the next days/weeks/months (? XD) i'll post the sketches from the last..eh...5 months ^^;. But i have to search them all but this needs time. So i begin with a junk i drew today. Ok the rough sketch of the head exists since last year and i colored it a bit too. But today i was bored and i drew her body. At the moment i experiment with a new coloration style. It's not perfect but i'll work on it.

I don't know why but atm these are my current favorit colors xD. But they fit perfectly with the mood i wanted to create because it should express "summer feeling". Because after weeks of cloudy, rainy and cold weather we've got finally a sunny and warm weekend :D. So i'll spend a lot of time in the garden and read some books xD

So i wish you a nice weekend :) ☼ ☼

(ps my english sucks ¬_¬)


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