Maybe some people noticed that i have a sketchbook since november last year. I use it mostly for watercolors because you can sketch and color it really quick :D. Atm i drew 14 pages and it goes on. Here it one of them:

It's a small bday present for a friend on deviantart: yenni-vu.The other entries of my sketchbook can you find here. Btw i'll plan two new posts: one about which brushes/programms i use for my pictures and the other post about my progress in the recent 5,5 (nearly 6) years. Let's see when i can write them because i think i'll need a bit more time for them to write :)

cu -mibou-


Anonymous said...

Der Farbverlauf und das Motiv
sind total schön.
Freu mich auf den Post mit den Brushes! :)

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