The first draft


This post is dedicated to the first drafts of a artwork. Before i'll start drawing, i think about a rough concept and make a sketch. Sometimes i make one sketch but there are days where i have to make +10 sketches too :D. If i like the sketch i think about the colors. I roughly color the sketch and change them until i like the result and than i start with the real picture. :) Beneath you can see the draft of some pictures of mine. I don't have a draft for every picture, so this is a small selection.

Click on them to see the fullview (with lightbox)!!

You can see, sometimes i changed a lot while i draw it^^.


Carlos said...

Very interesting to see a bit of your creative process… And gorgeus artwork ;) Thanks for sharing :)

Suzu said...

wow asu ist ja süß geworden! ich hoffe, du hast ihr das gezeigt! <3

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