So happy i could die [Draft + Interpretations]


I'm not in the best mood but i want to share the full sketch and draft from my last picture with you.

The sketch and the draft.

 Here the finished artwork:

As i said it's inspired by Lady Gaga's song "So happy i could die":

"Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine
Stars in our eyes 'cause we're having a good time
Eh eh, so happy I could die"

And here are my interpretations:

This artwork is about the escape of reality by alcohol and the addiction of alcohol. (same topic as the song) maybe you can't see it but she wears a t-shirt with a sad smile and her tears ruined her make-up. (that means she was unhappy until she drank alcohol) So she wants to be happy and drinks alcohol to feel better. To be in an other world. Full of happiness and without fears/pain/sadness etc. The bottle and the colors symbolize this "sweet escape" -> stars, smiles, colors. as against the main color *blue* (sadness, loneliness, etc...)
The chains are broken. She feels free in the rush. She's so happy she could die...

Another interpretation: She drinks because she wants to have fun and the broken chains symbolize that she can be who she wants to be and leave her old "life" behind.


Bárbara said...

You have no idea how I like the conception and the art on this one. Everything, from the colors to the compostition, was carefully planned, it's just fantastic!

You are a master indeed.

(I'm CelticBotan on dA, and I'm watching you there! ;D)

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