Sunflowers, Lemons & Oranges


No manga style this time. Sorry for all who follow this blog (thank you sooo much for the 27! followers btw ^o^ ) for my manga style drawings^^. This is a birthday present for my grandma :3 I drew it today although her birthday is in september xD. It was a good (real) test for my masking fluid and i have to say i love it :D I hope so that my grandma will like it and maybe you like it too ;). Next time there will be "normal" stuff. xD

PS: The scan isn't perfect, because the paper is bigger than my scanner and i had to scan it two times and put the pieces together :)


chuckle-zoo said...

I really like it, although it's realistic instead of manga-style.
The painting is calming me down because the colors are so light. beautiful.

Katschusa said...

Hast du toll gemacht :D
ich find' Stillleben immer super schwierig. vor allem mit Aquarell.
Da greif ich lieber zum Acryl xD hat man vor allem beim stilleben mehr komtrolle drĂ¼ber

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