Ten facts about me


1. i'm a guy. yeah
2. i'm older than i look ._.
3. i'm a quiet and extremely lazy person :]
4. i'm addicted to cola, ice tea and ginger ale *.*
5. i love music (i couldn't live without it) especially lady gaga xD *laugh*
6. i drop out of college
7. i love to sleep but i can be awake for 2 days in a row too
8. my favorites colors which i use for artworks are totally different from my favorite colors in real life xDD
9. i had one exhibitions and three were planned but never took place ö_Ö
10. my advanced courses at school were maths and art


Mesca said...

Nice to meet you. :-)

Tomasz said...

OMG, I thought you're a giiiirrrrlllllll xD
All because of warm colours, cute faces and what's more important .. how to put it .. too many pure looking girls with no visible gimmie-boobs intentions at the same time. I hope you know what I mean ;p
It's unusual. I'm shocked. Now I'll have a sleepless night for sure..
But good job enyway :D You have a very interesting side of yourself.

Tally said...

Icee teaaa and sleep <3 <3 <3 The best things in the world XD
and I'm intregued- whate are your favourite colours? :) because the one's in your art work are rather warm and feminish colours if you don;t mind me saying so.

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