This is a birthday present for miyachan. The upper image was the sketch and the picture below is the final result (as you can see i changed the colors a bit^^). I drew it completly in SAI, only the stars in the backround are made in Photoshop CS4

The left arm is different too. But i had a problem while i drew this. I merge the layer of my outlines and the layer of my sketch but i didn't notice it. So i saved the file and closed it. ._. I could save the outline by playing around with the contrasts and brightness. So i had my outlines but the sketch was gone, so i had to improvise^^;

It's her OC "Hazel" :D


Mesca said...

I'm gradually losing interest in anime-style drawings, but there is something about your work that I really, really enjoy! I think you have a great eye for color, friend.

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