The problem with MURO


I was bored so i tested muro again. If you really "want to draw good pictures" you need a wacom tablet and you have to install the plugin. First problem i didn't find the link to the plugin. i searched a bit on deviantart and found it in a description of a deviation. (actually the link have to be on the muro site, but it wasn't there ¬_¬). Everthing works fine until i switched the browers to look a twitter. When i returned the plugin didn't work anymore. I had the same problem when i drew the first drawing with muro too. (btw. this image is a "sequel" of that) >-< wth it's pain to draw without this plugin, so i cancelled it. So here is the result of 30 min sketching ._. Maybe i'll finish it with Photoshop^^. Should i do it?

Muro can be fun, but i prefere photoshop and sai :3

artwork was inspired by "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, especially the line "Caught in a bad romance"


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