Speechless & Choice


Sorry for my lack of updates, but i drew nearly nothing in the last weeks. Ok some artworks but no kind of junks or sketches. But now i have something to show you but first the drafts of the last two pictures :]


"The topic is the feeling of speechless. The butterflies symbolize her feelings. They have a heart texture on their wings but they are crossed out. Her feelings are hurt and hinder her to say something (mouth closed). She can't do anything too (the gun symbolizes her reaction which didn't happen because the butterfly blocks it.) She's paralyzed bye her hurt feelings (butterfly on her foot -> can't stand up). The broken glass next to her are the future which is destroyed by the words. "


"left" or "right"?, "wrong" or "right"?, "this" or "that? what is your choice? Be careful: i'll change your life. She wants both (-> dress with both colors), however the one and only arrow, which shows the way she wanted to go, got broken. she tried to fix it but it lost its function. she don't know what to do and don't want to choose. But she have to...


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