Summer and Winter


The summer is already gone so i drew a summer feeling picture. It's a speedpaint because i drew it in less than one hour^^. but i really like it :) it was a good distraction

And this is the opposite. It was a point of my to-do-list xD. Snow, ice and blue.

meaning:  she has a frozen heart... she don't want to feel anything and put her heart into an block of ice. So it's protected from pain and bad feelings because she's sick of it and don't wanna feel pain anymore. But now that her heart is frozen she don't feel anything (-> whole body is blue and cold)


anto lehuss said...

coucou ! my name is huss and just wana say to you that i am very sensitiv to your art, you have a great sense of compo , colors and light effects and we can really feel that you put your soul in those artworks , bravo and keep up the great drawings ;)
Anto Lehuss (

love♥junkiee said...

I love your art! I hope you keep posting! :)
The symbolism is lovely..the shading and position of everything ..
Beautiful, even though it's a speed painting :)

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