Water(color/melon) art

Birthday gifts & GAGA


"long time" no posts, so here a few birthday gifts for some friends :)

birthday gift for chiinosei

birthday gift for yenni-vu

And a small WIP for an upcoming Lady Gaga fanart for "Paparazzi" :D

"Why?" Steps


A few steps of my artwork "why?".

Old stuff 2010


ok i don't post very much xDD so i decided to collect all the drafts, sketches, junks, unfinished works, WIP from may-december 2010 and put them in one post XDDD

so here it is:

(click for full view :3)

and if you haven't seen part one (january-april 2010)

(click for full view :3)

i already posted a few pieces of them here but not all of them^^

part one of 2011: coming soon :3



some stuff which i haven't posted yet. so here it is. xD

1. a draft. idk i want to finish it but atm i'm too lazy to draw the outlines. soo maybe i'll finish it later :B

2. WIP? i doubt i'll finish it xDD

3. a junk which i drew a few weeks ago. ~20min in SAI



a small junk which i drew yesterday.